Small But Pack A Punch| Vitalicious EnergyLoaf Review

March 3, 2015

Do you love when you find a snack that taste great and is good for you? I saw the Vitalicious EnergyLoaves and I had to give them a try. Granted, I totally had one of Tee's special moments and I didn't get to enjoy all of my muffins; however, that was totally my fault. I'll get to that in just a moment.

Vitalicious EnergyLoaf Trio in all three brand flavors

Five Tips for a Healthier Christmas

December 18, 2014

Every Christmas tends to run along the same lines. We collectively enjoy one of America’s favorite meals, but typically and unfortunately, we tend to overindulge. Along the way we add on a few extra pounds, setting us off on the wrong foot heading into the month of merrymaking.

Is there any way to do it better – to keep the delicious food, the joy and the cheer, and ease out the excess? Most of us don’t want to skip the traditional goodies like cranberry sauce and pie altogether—we just want to find a way to sample these seasonal treats in moderation.

 Here are a few simple changes to make this year’s feast one without the guilt.

What Type of Grocery Shopper Are You?

November 4, 2014

The question was posed about the types of grocery shoppers. Do you wander when shopping, or are you prepared with a grocery list? The question made me giggle because my neighbor and I were just talking about the topic the other day.


Taking control of my health and happiness

November 3, 2014

I recently had a real conversation with myself about my health, weight loss, and overall happiness. I have to get active in my own life and not expect things to change without any action from me. I am responsible for me and I have created a plan to get back on track. 

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