Small But Pack A Punch| Vitalicious EnergyLoaf Review

March 3, 2015

Do you love when you find a snack that taste great and is good for you? I saw the Vitalicious EnergyLoaves and I had to give them a try. Granted, I totally had one of Tee's special moments and I didn't get to enjoy all of my muffins; however, that was totally my fault. I'll get to that in just a moment.

Vitalicious EnergyLoaf Trio in all three brand flavors

What they say:

The EnergyLoaves are the latest addition to the Vitaliciousbrand and they are available in three varieties: Banana Nut, Apple Cinnamon and Harvest Corn. Each loaf contains necessary vitamins, protein, and fiber to provide a boost in energy and to keep you satiated. The individually wrapped loaves are 1.9 oz and contain 5grams of protein, 8grams of fiber, and have 110-120 calories.

Apple Cinnamon Crumb Vitalicious EnergyLoaf

What I say:

OK, the package arrived and apparently I lost my ability to read. On the shipping box and each of the muffin boxes, there was a label that mentioned freezing the items. Somehow, I missed that tidbit and placed them in my cabinet. Needless to say, on week two of having the snack they molded. I was so hurt and mad at myself for missing the memo.

Harvet Corn Vitalicious Energyloaf 
I loved these little loaves. I mainly ate them in the morning or for a quick lunch. The loaves were great at keeping me full but I can't say they gave me a boost of energy. I like being able to each it without feeling guilty. I knew I was eating some that not only tasted great but was nutritionally balanced. My favorite out of the three was the Banana Nut Loaf. The only issue I had was a touch of dryness and after I realized I was supposed to freeze the packages, I wonder if not placing them in the freezer was the reason for the dryness.


Banana Nut Vitalicious EnergyLoaf

I would purchase these in the future but I would make sure to READ the package. I really would like to try the Vitatops next. I would say these are perfect for someone on the go or if you just don't prefer to have a large heavy breakfast. The Vitalicious EnergyLoaves fit nicely into any lifestyle and would be a great snack for children.  

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