Taking control of my health and happiness

November 3, 2014

I recently had a real conversation with myself about my health, weight loss, and overall happiness. I have to get active in my own life and not expect things to change without any action from me. I am responsible for me and I have created a plan to get back on track. 

The first decision I made was to stop taking all of my meds. I told my doctor months ago that I was going to stop taking the Prednisone. At that time, he told me my decision was a life-threatening. My response to him was, “Me being overweight is life-threatening!” I have been in a continuous cycle of gaining weight and losing weight based on having to take steroids. I’m over it…it’s a wrap and we are done here. It’s time for Plan B.

I stopped taking all of my meds to see if there are others that cause weight gain or prevent me from losing weight. My plan is to add them back in one at a time and to see how my body responds. I will start the process of adding medications back at the first of the year.

While I am purging my system of the medication that I was taking, I will work on losing weight and working out more. I have the Baladea dvd set, and I love the system. It is made specifically for women and includes yoga and meditation DVD’s for overall health and well-being. I can definitely work with that and get myself to back on track.

Lastly, I am working on my overall happiness. I’ve put off dating because I was not happy with my weight or how I was feeling mentally. Now, I’m ready to get back out there and find Mr. Right. I am coming out of my shell and opening up to love and happiness. Let’s hope I do not meet too many crazies in the process. LOL!

I am hopeful and optimistic that all will work out and life will be great.

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