Meal Plan and Juicing Chat

March 31, 2014

This week I have to go in for my weigh in with my doctor and I will find out if he is going to keep me on the Adipex or take me off. I know he is going to ask me again about juicing so I decided to get a few juices in this week. I know I'm terrible. Let's see if this resparks my love of juicing. I love having juices but I don't love the clean up.

Note about juicing: I make my juice up to 48 hrs before consuming. I don't keep them long than 48 hours because the vitamins content degrades. Juices are always best and at their best within the first hour. I will also say, if you do intend to store juice longer than one hour, place the juice in a mason jar. This is the best option for storage I've found so far. I've also hear of some freezing juice. I've tried it once and I didn't like the results. 

I normally add a scoop of unflavored protein to my juices right before I drink the juice. I want to balance out my carbs and protein. I also want to keep my blood sugar from spiking. You will also notice that I balance my carbs for the entire day and not just for the juice. I still have my low carb tendencies and that is what I stick too. I only changed the name of the blog because I did add juice, oatmeal, and sweet potatoes to my lifestyle. I still do not eat white potatoes, white flour, or sugar. 

The only place sugar has in my house is in a sugar wax. I just purchased a bag with the sole intent of making and trying sugaring. If it works, I will put the wax recipe on Grow It Girl. 

Anywho, I think that about does it for today. I will check in on Wednesday after my doctor's appointment. I should have a video post on Wednesday too. I am so glad I figured out why I have not been feeling well over the last week or so. Now, it's back to business. 

How has your week been? Any on and off scale victories? 

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