Short Rant

May 6, 2012

First off, I measured myself after my 9 mile walk/run from Sat. I was down 3/4 of an inch. I'm guessing it was a lot of water due to my kidneys. I did get sick while I was out b/c my electrolytes dropped. I stopped sweating and I was crusted in salt, literally.

Anywho, after my outing Sat both of my feet blistered so bad I couldn't do anything. I had chicken legs thawing in the fridge but I was hurting too bad to cook them. I went to cook them this evening only to find out they went bad. Somehow, the legs spoiled from Fri to Sun. I'm wondering if I left them in the fridge too long before I put them in the freeze. All I know is my feelings are hurt b/c I can't afford to throw away food. Now I have to take out another pack of legs and try this again. Ugh!

End of rant! Thanks for reading:)

ETA: I'm noticing that people don't comment on this blog like my other blog. You all are more than welcome to leave comments or ask questions.

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