Getting Back to Using

June 21, 2011

I haven't used in awhile because I have a good idea on how many carbs I consume. However, I didn't count on needing to use it for my calories. It seems that when I stopped using the site my calories dropped. I've been at 900-1200 cals instead of the recommended 1500-1800. So, I'm back on track try to make sure I keep my cal up.

If you haven't tried, I would definitely recommend it. It is similar to myfitnesspal but easier to use. I also love that I can keep track of my recipes and join challenges. The site speaks to my playful side.

My wonderful daughter made me dinner tonight. I didn't want the broccoli b/c it will make me go over my total cals tonight but I don't want to hurt her feelings and I'm still under 20 net. Granted, I am a 20 total person but this is what I said to justify eating the broccoli. hehe So, dinner tonight is 2 pieces of tilapia cooked in ghee and 1 serving of broccoli with a slice of Sargento cheese


Curliebelle said...

Aww that was very sweet of her. I would love to try low carb eating. You mentioned Do you have any other good websites that you like for newbies like me?

TikiLon said...

If you are looking for a tracking site similar to fatsecret, you might want to try and If you want more info try

Just Daisy said...

how sweet! that chicken looks soooo good!


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